Bringing together the knowledge and the experience of nine different wine-elaborating cooperatives with different Origin Denominations from Catalonia, and the labour carried out by their vine-growers, technicians and oenologists, Castell d'Or produces wines, cavas and olive oils which have earned great recognition all over the world.

Apart from the high quality products, other features from Castell d’Or are the modernist cellars, the cooperative work, the variety of the landscape and the agroshop chain. So we encourage you to discover all this for yourself.


The cellar from l'Espluga de Francolí was named Catedral del Vi (Wine Cathedral) by the catalan writer Àngel Guimerà. This denomination was soon used for other cellars built at the beginning of the 20th century by architects such Cèsar Martinell, follower of Antoni Gaudí, and Domenech i Montaner and his son Pere Domènech Roura.

If you want to know more about modernism art and how it was applied to the wine-growing agro-industry, come and visit the cellars in l'Espluga de Francolí, Barberà de la Conca or Vila-rodona, a real work of art.


If you want to enjoy Castell d’Or’s wines, caves and olive oils, come and visit our agroshop chain. We offer you a warm welcome, very good advice and a selection of local products.

The cooperative cellars of Castell d'Or are: Barberà de la Conca, Bellvei del Penedès, l'Arboç, l'Espluga de Francolí, la Nou de Gaià, Solivella, Vila-rodona, Vimbodí and Vinaixa.

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Castell d'Or News

Great Gold Medal at the competition “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles” for the CAVA Arboç 1919 Brut

In addition to this top award, Castell d’Or has also received four silver medals and important ratings on six other wines.

Cava L'Arboç 1919 Brut -rEleven wines and CAVA have received medals and important ratings at the “World Competition of Brussels”. 20 years of experience have made the contest a benchmark in international wine competitions. The jury, of renowned international experts, has tasted more than 8.000 wines, including Castell d’Or’s eleven wines and CAVA.

Among the winners, it should be noted that the CAVA Arboç 1919 Brut has been awarded the Grand Gold Medal, the highest award in this category.

Also two more wines and two CAVA have won silver medals. The awarded wines are ESPLUGUEN 2012 (Priorato), Cossetània 2009 Red Reserva (Penedès) and the awarded CAVA are Cossetània Brut and Francoli Brut Reserva.

No medal, but with notable scores are the following sampled Cava Flama d’Or Brut Imperial, Pupitre Brut Or, Flama d’Or Brut, Castell de la Comanda Brut, Cossetània Red Wine 2012 and Mas Geroni Brut Nature .

Achieved these awards demonstrate the great work being done by Castell d’Or, to offer high quality products, according to market trends. Castell d’Or is a company founded by nine cooperative wineries of Catalonia which produces and sells wines, sparkling wines (CAVA) and olive-oils from different Appellations of Origin in Catalonia.